Ferrybox system on MS Color Fantasy

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Norwegian Ferrybox systems

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MS Color Fantasy


S Baltic Sea and North Sea


From Kiel: 54.33°N - 10.15°E To Oslo: 59.91°N - 10.71°E

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Norwegian Institute For Water Research (NIVA)




Kai Sørensen
Norwegian Institute For Water Research
Gaustadalleen 21, 0349 Oslo, Norway
Tel: +47 22185100, Mobile +47 90732129
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The NorFerry infrastructure started back in 2001 and covers a network of 5 Ferrybox-systems in the Baltic, North Sea, Atlantic Sea and Arctic areas. Two of them are offered to TNA.

FA is installed on a ferry. The system has the core sensor with thermosalinograph, inlet temperature sensor, oxygen, Chl-a fluorescence, turbidity and system for water sampling. FA has also the additional fluorescence sensor of PAH, Pycocyanin and cDOM and passive sampling unit for contaminants. FA has spectrophotometric pH and a membrane based solid state detector pCO2 system, and radiometers for marine reflectance of the sea surface.

Data are transferred daily via internet communication to a NIVA database as part of the CMEMS. The infrastructure is used for physical, pelagic biodiversity, chemical (contaminants) and biogeochemical (marine acidification) studies.

Web site address: https://www.niva.no/en/water-data-on-the-web/ferrybox-ships-of-opportunity

Instrument Measured Parameter(s) Elevation / Depth Sampling Frequency of data recovery
Thermosalinograph Temperature and salinity 4 m 1 minute Daily
nlet temperature sensor Temperature 4 m 1 minute Daily
Optode Oxygen 4 m 1 minute Daily
Optical sensor packages Chl-a fluor., PC-fluor., cDOM-fluor. PAH-fluor 4 m 1 minute Daily
Particles Turbidity 4 m 1 minute Daily
pH-sensor pH 4 m 5 minute Daily
pCO2-sensor pCO2 4 m 1 minute Daily
Light sensors Radiance and irradiance 35 m above surface 30 second Daily
Water sampler Water samples 4 m On demand
Passive sampler Contaminants 4 m On demand

  • Remote: the measuring system is implemented by the operator of the installation and the presence of the user group is not required,
  • In person/hands-on: the presence of the user group is required/recommended during the whole operation period).

Unit of access (UA): day.

Access duration corresponds to the period of installing, operating and un-installing a measuring system by the users (In person/hands-on access) or in his/her behalf by the access provider (remote access). A typical access duration can be from a short 2.5 days trip between Oslo and Kiel or a combination of more trips like a week (e.g from Oslo on Monday and back in Oslo on Friday).

TNA projects supported by JERICO-NEXT:

Dedicated NIVA persons are available in Oslo to cover the Ferrybox FA.

The visiting researcher will be in direct contact with NIVA researcher and with supporting technical staff. Preparations of tests and sensors are possible in advance at NIVA premises or onboard since workshops can be made available. NIVA chemical and biological laboratories are also available for calibration purposes.

Visits onboard must be followed by a NIVA person.