JERICO-NEXT Newsletter, June 2016

1st ISSUE – JERICO-NEXT, Joint European Research Infrastructure network for Coastal Observatory – Novel European eXpertise for coastal observaTories

It gives us great pleasure to send you the latest updates on coastal observatories and JERICO-NEXT activities through this first newsletter introducing the new project. JERICO-NEXT started in September 2015 and will run for four years, finishing at the end of August 2019. The first year is dedicated to building upon the JERICO FP7 project and to begin JERICO-NEXT activities including new partners.

How to access to the JERICO Research Infrastructure (JERICO-RI)?
Apply for the First Call for Trans-National Access (TNA) on the JERICO-RI!

As part of the Trans-National Access (TNA) activity implemented in WP7, JERICO-NEXT offers opportunities for researchers or research teams from academy and industry to access original coastal infrastructures for measurement campaigns and instrument testing. These opportunities are expected to help build long-term collaborations between users and JERICO-NEXT partners and also to promote innovation and transfer of know-how in the coastal marine sector.

The JERICO-NEXT TNA activity is built on the successful experience of the previous FP7 JERICO project. However, it will involve a greater number of observatories (ferrybox lines, fixed platforms, including cabled observatories, glider fleets, HF Radar and fishing vessels) distributed in coastal and shelf seas all around Europe, including dedicated to biological observation.

The first Call has been open since the 2nd of May and will remain open until the 5th of July 2016, for activities scheduled in the period October 2016 – September 2017. Interested users will find more information on the JERICO-NEXT website,

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JERICO-NEXT main achievements   

Kick Off meeting: This key event was organised in Mallorca (Spain) from September 28th to October 1st 2015. Throughout the four days, partners met and activities led in work package were introduced, developed and discussed in the consortium…
JERICO-NEXT HF Radar Workshop: The first workshop on HF radar developments in JERICO-NEXT was held in San Sebastian from 9th to 11th March 2016. This successful meeting gathered 22 people and 12 different institutions from 7 European countries…
Joint WP4 & WP1 Workshop, 15th March 2016, London: The main objective was to provide the JRAP teams with strategic guidelines, according to the project Milestone MS4, with focus on the strengthening of cross cutting towards a multidisciplinary approach, according to the Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) of JERICO-NEXT. The JRAPs data flow was also considered…
Ferrybox Workshop: Aside from the 7th Ferrybox meeting on the 7th/8th April 2016, a dedicated JERICO-NEXT Ferrybox workshop was held in Heraklion on 6th April 2016…
Cabled Coastal Observatories Workshop: The objective for this workshop was to review the state-of-the-art of these observing systems in terms of Technology: procedures, maintenance, data processing, format, quality and management, identification of limitations and difficulties, applications, funding, dissemination, etc. The workshop was organised by Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona, Spain) from 19th-20th April…
First Steering Committee meetingFrom 23rd – 24th May 2016, at EuroGOOS in Brussel. The Steering Committee members met to review the progress of each work package and discuss the project strategy with WP leaders/co-leaders and the coordination team. This meeting was organised before the EuroGOOS General Assembly 2016 which took place from 25th to 27th May.
The JERICO-NEXT Workshop on Current Advances in the application of (Semi-)Automated techniques for studying Phytoplankton Dynamics in coastal and marine waters, was organized from 31st May to 2nd June by the CNRS LOG laboratory in Wimereux (Northern France). This successful meeting gathered 35 scientists from 12 countries and 15 partners or contracted partners and SMEs of the JERICO-NEXT consortium, as well as external experts for…

JERICO-NEXT ongoing progress

News on Subtask 3.6.1 Integrated multi-sensors video array towed fishThis JERICO-NEXT development is almost completed and should go at sea in September 2016. The final development phase is actually dedicated to the floating elements and control of the flight altitude. The frame, lights, video and laser systems are designed and integrated, the wiring is nearly finished. First tests should be performed in Juneat Boulogne Ifremer testing basin. 
Valorisation through applied joint research (WP4)As a synthesis of the project built upon activities in other WPs, WP4 gathers the consortium around applied Joint Research Activity Projects (JRAPs) selected to put forward the added value of JERICO-NEXT. Information is provided below for JRAPs which are begun their practical activities: 
JRAP#5 on carbon fluxes and carbonate system: The intensive observing period of JRAP#5 is from spring 2017 to spring 2018. During 2017 we will collect detailed information on instruments, environnemental conditions and calibration procedures and make necessary upgrades and calibrations for the observing systems before the intensive observation period. A need and possibility to have an intercomparison workshop (in Oslo) for carbon cycle instruments in winter 2016/17 is also discussed in spring and summer 2016.

News & Events

JERICO Special Issue: Twelve peer-reviewed articles are published in a special issue of Journal of Marine Systems dedicated to JERICO FP7 project, volume 162C. The paper version will come soon. These articles are already available online. JERICO offers a promotional access free of charge during 6 months. 
Access to the Editorial “Progress in marine science supported by European joint coastal observation systems: JERICO-RI research infrastructure”.
Access to the articles from JERICO-NEXT web site.                                

New comer in JERICO-NEXT’s coordination team: We are pleased to inform you of the arrival of Anne Schmidt in the JERICO-NEXT coordination and more specifically in the management team. Anne shall support the team mostly in general organisation, partner’s contacts, administrative and financial reporting. She has a Master degree in European Project Engineering and already experience in European and International Project set-up and follow-up.

Upcoming JERICO-NEXT events

September 7th – 8th 2016, Bordeaux (CNRS): The Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) of JERICO-NEXT and the coordination team will have a working meeting in Bordeaux. The agenda will focus on the TNA selection panel and a workshop on future strategies will be organised with WP leaders.
September 27th – 30th 2016, Gothenburg: The second JERICO-NEXT Workshop on Automated Plankton Observation will be held in Gothenburg (Sweden).

October 10th – 14th 2016, Brest (Sea Tech Week 2016): Every two years, the International week of marine sciences and technologies gather international experts from different disciplines related to the sea. Sea Tech Week offers conferences, scientific and technological workshops as well as a business part (B2B meetings, trade shows etc.). This year the event will take place at the Quartz Congress Centre in Brest (France) from October 10th to 14th. In the framework of this international event JERICO-NEXT’s workshops and B2B meetings will be organised…
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The JERICO-NEXT project is funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program under grant agreement No 654410.
Editors:Ingrid PUILLAT, Patrick FARCY

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