Sea Tech Week 2016


Every two years, the International week of marine sciences and technologies gather international experts from different disciplines related to the sea. Sea Tech Week offers conferences, scientific and technological workshops as well as a business part (B2B meetings, trade show…). This year the event will take place at the Quartz Congress Centre in Brest (France) from October 10th to 14th, 2016.

In the framework of this international event JERICO-NEXT’s workshops and B2B meetings will be organized as follows:

  • A workshop on nutrient sensors (TASK 2.4.1), organised by Dave Sivyer from CEFAS, will be held on October 10th. The aims of this workshop are to review and evaluate the effective capabilities of the nutrient sensors utilised within the JERICO-NEXT network, describe the current modes of their deployment, and deal with data quality concerns. The goals are to define best practices in the use of similar sensors, and investigate their portability (across systems/platforms), interoperability and performances with a view to provide recommendations regarding these issues to manufacturers and industry.
  • A workshop on “Calibration and Assessment” will be held from 11th to 12th October 2016. It constitutes the first workshop of task 2.5 in relation to the metrological consistency, comparability and quality of data and data products. The meeting will serve to present, describe and discuss the actions planned within this task, including their links with the other tasks and work packages (especially those relating to sensors and systems) of the project. 

    Please find all the information needed:

    – agenda and registration at

    – organisation of the Seatechweek (location, program,…) at


    1) Florence Salvetat (Ifremer),;
    2) Rajesh Nair (OGS, Italy),


    Deadline for Registration: 28/09/2016.

  • On October 11th B2B meetings, to interact with industry end users, will be organised during all the afternoon. This will be another opportunity for the Industry Ocean Observation Forum to engage in technology cluster activities. The objectives of the technology cluster activities at Sea Tech Week are:
    • Identify business opportunities for the private sector providing products and services to the academic research community (SLR);
    • Case study presentations by companies who successfully engaged with TNA activities (JERICO-NEXT and FixO3);
    • Demonstrate ease of access to existing data available from ocean and coastal observatories (EMODnet and FixO3 EarthVO).

For the 10th edition, Sea Tech Week’s main theme will be SEA and DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY, in connection with the national label “French Tech” obtained in 2015. This theme will be defined in a wide range of sub-themes in the various conferences: observation, robotics, biocomputing, sensors, modelling, human-machine interface, data science etc.