The Marine Data Archive’s Role in JERICO-RI

The Marine Data Archive (MDA) stands as a vital online repository that offers a secure platform for users to store their data files along with comprehensive metadata in a well-documented manner. This archive caters to a diverse array of data types, including raw, processed, structured, data products, documents, and images. The data stored in the MDA is made accessible to the public through integration with the Integrated Marine Information System (IMIS) and other relevant catalogues.


The services provided by the Marine Data Archive are tailored to cater to a broad spectrum of users, including researchers, students, and project partners. By doing so, the MDA ensures that a wide range of stakeholders can benefit from the valuable resources it offers.

MDA plays a pivotal role in supporting the objectives of JERICO-RI (Joint European Research Infrastructure Network for Coastal Observatories) by enhancing the types and scope of coastal data available. Through the Virtual Access provided by JERICO-RI, users gain direct and seamless access to a wealth of data. This allows them to not only explore but also seamlessly integrate different data types from a centralised access point, thereby enriching their research endeavours.

Thanks to funding received from the JERICO-RI programme, the Marine Data Archive has undergone notable improvements. Among these enhancements, the MDA now provides monthly statistical insights. These metrics include the number of users, active users engaged in uploading and downloading files, unique downloads, total files uploaded, and the cumulative size of files uploaded, measured in gigabytes. This development provides a valuable gauge of the archive’s usage and impact within the community.

Looking ahead, the Marine Data Archive is committed to further augmenting its capabilities. One of the key initiatives involves integrating the MDA with the recently launched linked open data catalogue, accessible at This integration promises to expand accessibility and streamline the search and retrieval process for users. Additionally, efforts will be directed towards refining the data upload process, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience for all stakeholders.

The Marine Data Archive plays a crucial role in advancing coastal observation research by providing a secure and well-organized platform for data storage and retrieval. With a diverse user base comprising researchers, students, and project partners, the MDA caters to a wide array of stakeholders. Through ongoing improvements and future prospects, including integration with the linked open data catalogue, the MDA is poised to further elevate the accessibility and utility of coastal data for the global research community.