Machine-to-machine access to SOCIB Data Repository


In the frame of JERICO-S3, the Balearic Islands Coastal Observing and Forecasting System (SOCIB) facilitates free machine-to-machine access to SOCIB Data Repository‘s ocean observation data through a RESTful application programming interface (API). SOCIB Data API enables to discover SOCIB capacity in terms of facilities (/instruments/ and /platforms/ endpoints) and repository (/data-modes/, /feature-types/ and /standard-variables/ endpoints) as well as to access observation data either as NetCDF or JSON format (/entries/, /data-sources/ and /data-products/ endpoints).

SOCIB offers three abstraction layers (endpoints) to access the observation data available in the SOCIB Data Repository: entries (each data file in SOCIB Data Repository resulting from the acquisition -real-time, delayed time, delayed mode- and processing -L0, L1, L2- of the observations reported by SOCIB instruments and/or platforms), sources (cohorts of alike -synchronous and siblings- entries resulting from the same operation: the deployment -configuration and installation- of a specific instrument and/or platform at some location and time for monitoring purposes; also known as datasets) and the products (collections of datasets wrapped together to represent the outcome of certain observing programmes, campaigns, projects, etc.). All of these layers can be queried to obtain the underlying data as netCDF or JSON.

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SOCIB Research Vessel & Oceanographic Bouys
SOCIB Research Vessel & Oceanographic Bouys