JERICO-NEXT: Salinity Exercise, 2016

The present salinity exercise, organized by Ifremer and OGS jointly, is part of the work planned in Task 2.5 of JERICO-NEXT Work package 2 (WP2).

It is a first attempt to evaluate the comparability of salinity measurements across the JERICO observing network.

The exercise will require participating laboratories to analyze unknown samples of certified IAPSO standard seawater that will be delivered to them using their main laboratory reference instrument for salinity.

Please fill in and return the registration form (link below) as soon as possible: we need the information you provide in your form in order to move ahead with the organization of the exercise. Note that the exercise is intended to be completely anonymous: participants will be assigned a code that will be used for all reporting purposes and while referring to analysis results.


1) Florence Salvetat (Ifremer),;
2) Rajesh Nair (OGS, Italy),


Please send your completed registration form to Florence Salvetat at Ifremer (

Deadline for Registration: 15/06/2016.