JERICO-Next User Engagement Panel – Application Form

The User Engagement Panel is intended to be a dynamic communication channel with key stakeholder groups: public authorities, policy, research, education and operational communities including industry. The main target is to establish an effective mechanism linking the project to beneficiaries, and ensuring that project deliverables meet the needs of users and stakeholders. The panel members are expected individually and collectively to participate directly and have a pro-active role in the derivation of knowledge and applications from the JERICO-NEXT products, including provision of feedback and assessments to enhance the relevance of the project scopes. The panel will support the partnership to implement effective marine science communication strategies and achieve societal impact. 

Members on the Panel will express their influence on this high profile pan-European project including testing of data and/or new technologies in their field of interest on top of other benefits. JERICO-NEXT offers technology providers direct interaction with the research market segment to better identify and meet target expectations such as with new sensors and marine equipment.

The selected panel members will be supported by the project, and are expected to act in their capacity within the organisation that they represent as well as the sector within which they work. Panel members are expected to have wide ramifications in their category and to bring on board the range of viewpoints of the representative stakeholders. 

Expressions of interest to join the Panel can be made by completing this form. All applications will be evaluated by the Steering Committee members and notified accordingly.

The closing date for applications is the 20th March 2016.

This project has received funding from the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement No 654410.

Please apply by following the link below:

More details can be found in the following Terms of Reference Document.

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