Workshops / Presentations

4th WP3 and WP4 common workshop on Best Practices

Please find the workshop agenda and the presentations for each of the 6 Best Practices categories available for download below.

Workshop Agenda

4th WP3 & WP4 common workshop on Best Practices Agenda 

Biofouling Best Practices

Bio-fouling Best Practices (Laurent Delauney)

Calibration Best Practices

Chemical sensors calibration issues (Wilhelm Petersen)

Chemical sensors calibration issues CO2 (David Hydes)

Chlorophyll and turbidity Best Practices (Jukka Seppala)

Dissolved Oxygen Best Practices (Florence Salvetat)

Temperature and Conductivity Best Practices (Rajesh Nair)

Dissolved Oxygen Sensors Best Practices

Experiences with different types of oxygen sensors on fixed platforms (Detlev Machoczek)

Oxygen measurements sensors accuracy and scientific needs (Laurent Coppola)

Quality assurance of dissolved oxygen measurements (Michael Haller)

Review on commercial and protype Oxygen sensors and their performance with respect to biofouling (Carolina Cantoni)

Fixed Platforms Best Practices

Best Practices CEFAS (Dave Sivyer)

Best Practices CNR (Stefano Miserocchi)

Best Practices HCMR (Manolis Ntoumas)

Best Practices IBWPAN (Piotr Szmytklewicz)

Best Practices IFREMER (Yannick Aoustin)

Best Practices on fixed platforms AZTI (Carlos Hernandez)

Improving network measurements MARNET (Detlev Machocek)

Summary of Fixed Platform workshop (Stefania Sparnocchia)

Ferrybox Best Practices

Belgica Ferrybox MUMM (Frederic Francken)

FerryBox Best Practices CNRS (Pascal Morin)

Ferrybox Best practices NIVA (Kai Sorensen)

Ferrybox Best Practices SMHI (Malin Mohlin)

Ferrybox Best Practices SYKE (Seppo Kaitala)

Ferrybox Best Practises HCMR (Manolis Ntoumas)

FerryBox Best Practises NERC (Mark Hartman)

FerryBoxes FB data handling and real-time quality assessment (Wilhelm Petersen)

Summary of FB workshop (David Hydes)

Gliders Best Practice