Our final Facility of the Week is the E1-M3A station from POSEIDON!

As always, the facilities featured over the last few weeks are available for the JERICO-S3 TA 2nd call, which is closing 31st May 2021. Please be sure to get in contact with the host facility and fill out an application form to submit to before the closing date.

Facility: E1-M3A station POSEIDON

Location: Greece

The E1-M3A station is located 24 nautical miles north of the island of Crete anchored at a depth of 1,400 meters and it has been part of the POSEIDON network since 2007. The Cretan Sea is an area of intermediate and/or deep-water formation dominated by multiple-scale circulation patterns and intense mesoscale variability. Such areas of water formation are key locations for the monitoring of the Mediterranean biochemical functioning. The wintertime convective mixing of the water column and the exchanges of water and mass (diluted, suspended or near-bed) with the adjacent Levantine and Ionian Seas through the straits of the Cretan Arc, make the Cretan Sea the poorer in nutrients and the richer in oxygen among the principal basins of the Mediterranean Sea. The mooring is currently the most developed physical-biogeochemical observing site of the POSEIDON system collecting CTD data down to 1000m, Chl-A, DO and turbidity data for the first 100m of the water column while the recent addition of surface pH and pCO2 sensors further expanded the biochemical component of the station.

For more information about the POSEIDON E1-M3A station click here and on their website.

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