All Atlantic COASTal observing and technology NETwork – AA-COASTNET side event

All Atlantic COASTal observing and technology NETwork – AA-COASTNET is a side event of the ALL ATLANTIC 2021 conference.

The side event is organised by the JERICO-S3 project coordinator, Laurent Delauney (IFREMER, France) and Moacyr Araujo (UFPE, Brasil).

The event will take place on the: 

2nd June at 13:00 – 15:00 UTC (15:00 – 17:00 CEST), the Azores, Portugal

The AA-COASTNET joint action (AANChOR AA- MARINET joint actions package) will establish a network dedicated to Marine Coastal Observation with countries bordering the Atlantic Ocean.

This event will showcase the long-term goals of AA- COASTNET, to optimise the appropriate use and sharing of research infrastructures to achieve the Belém and Galway statement objectives.

The core members of the network will share know-how and strategies to increase operational efficiencies to better answer societal and policy needs.

The AA-COASTNET side event will lay the foundation for sustained cooperation between coastal observing programmes/initiatives along the Atlantic Ocean, from the Arctic to Antarctica.

Table 1: Marine coastal observation programmes and initiatives that form the All Atlantic coastal network (AA-COASTNET)

Name Country(ies)
Joint European Research Infrastructures for Coastal Observatories (JERICO-RI) Europe
Shallow Marine and Coastal Research Infrastructure (SMCRI) South Africa
Sistema de Monitoramento da. Costa Brasileira (SiMCosta) Brazil
Programa Nacional de Boias (PNBoia) Brazil
MePro Brazil
The Regional Program of Physical Oceanography in West Africa (PROPAO) Ivory Coast, West Africa
Cabo Verde Ocean Observatory (CVOO) Cape Verde
CRODT (centre de Recherche Océanographique de Dakar Thiaroye) Senegal
AANCHOR (EU Project WP7 – Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 818395.)  

Download the AA-COASTNET joint action for further information:

AA-COASTNET All Atlantic COASTal Observing And Technology NETwork AANChOR Joint Actions (560.5 KiB)