Report of Joint WP2-WP5 workshop: Assimilating technical best practice improvements to optimise network data flow

Date: 05 October 2017
Place: Bergen, Norway

The joint WP2-WP5 workshop was designed to examine the possibilities for closer collaboration between the above two WPs in order to better reconcile contrasts arising from differences in the way data are regarded by the project’s observing and data management components.

During the workshop, the following kinds of data were targeted for attention: HF-radar data, data relating to biology based on optical measurements, data on the marine carbonate system, and data from AUVs (gliders). For each of the four data types, the perspectives of the data producer and the data manager were presented and discussed with a view towards proposing best practice strategies to mitigate current shortcomings in the way these data are being managed within the JERICO-NEXT network.

JN Best Practices WS Report Final Jan18 V2 (9.1 MiB)