JERICO-NEXT at the BlueMed Coordinators meeting in Malta, January 2018

The JERICO Research Infrastructure and the JERICO-NEXT project were presented at the BlueMed Coordinators meeting along with a number of other projects and initiatives across the Mediterranean. Collaborative work was carried out to further the aims and objects of the BlueMed project.

The meeting was significant opportunity to work together for sharing vision and connect, integrating inputs not only to consolidate the SRIA, but also to envision future common trajectories.

BlueMed is an R&I Initiative for promoting the blue economy in the Mediterranean Basin through cooperation. It is the strategy of reference for the Mediterranean countries to work together for a healthy, safe and productive Mediterranean Sea. The Initiative will contribute to the creation of new ‘blue’ jobs, social well-being and a sustainable growth in the marine and maritime sectors through the implementation of its Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA).

The main objectives of BlueMed:

  • developing innovative marine-based technologies, methodologies and approaches with a view to boosting the sustainable economic growth of the European maritime sectors and the conservation and upgrading of the marine environment, resources and cultural heritage;
  • fostering innovative multidisciplinary research and cooperation activities addressing the relevant Mediterranean challenges;
  • providing knowledge-based support for the implementation of EU policies and directives on marine and maritime issues in the Mediterranean;
  • creating an interoperable, fully integrated observing and forecasting system to promote continuous long-term observation based on open data structures to guarantee easy access;
  • promoting public awareness and understanding of how important sustainably prosperous resources of the Mediterranean Sea for the surrounding countries and for Europe as a whole;
  • training a new generation of scientists, professionals, technicians and entrepreneurs able to tackle complex ecological, economic and societal challenges in a holistic way, thus creating new and qualified ‘sea-based’ jobs.

Further information can be found at the BlueMed website