2014 Jerico Summer School announcement

The topic of this summer school is “From data to decisions”. We aim to cover the entire marine and coastal information cycle from data gathering via data management, data dissemination, data analysis, data assimilation to data-based policy decisions for MSFD purposes. Please refer to the wiki for updates to this overall programme:

1 day: dissemination: EMODnet backbones: EurOBIS/ICES, EuroGOOS, MyOcean and SeaDataNet

1 day: data analysis: with DIVA (variational analysis) or DINEOF

1 day: data assimilation: introduction with OpenDA

1 day: making information: MSFD, web processing service, EMECO, data analysis tools communities

1 day: data management: interoperability standards (OGC, ISO, INSPIRE), versions, doi, catalogues

Summer School 2014Field visit and demo Sand Engine coastal observatory: HF Radar, Argus camera, jetski with sonar.Field visit and demo Sand Engine coastal observatory: HF Radar, Argus camera, jetski with sonar.

The target group is 30 early career scientists plus scientifically oriented early career marine spatial planners (MSP). Students are expected to arrange for their own funding for travel and lodging. We arranged for affordable lodging (300 € for 7 nights) in the beach resort near a coastal observatory.

The official form for admission has been finalized and is now available via the wiki  site http://publicwiki.deltares.nl/display/OET/JERICO. It contains a bullet list with the required supplementary documents (CV, letter of recommendation, covering letter).

Deadline for registration: 7 April 09:00 CET (Monday)

Notification for admission: 23 April 23:59 CET (Wednesday).

Please mind timely visa procedures.

For more information please refer to:  http://publicwiki.deltares.nl/display/OET/JERICO