Scholarships for postgraduate Course in Applied Oceanography – Malta

In October 2014, the Physical Oceanography Unit of the IOI-Malta Operational Centre at the University of Malta will be offering a new Master course in Applied Oceanography. This will be open to both local and foreign students with a post-graduate degree. An international faculty of experts will be participating in delivering the course.  Scholarships to attend this course are also available for students with high academic records relevant to the course.

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Application deadlines for scholarships:  

  • 31st March 2014 (Foreign applicants)
  • 30th April 2014 (Local applicants)

The course builds on the core principles of oceanography in coastal and open sea domains, with a focus on operational oceanography and the versatile and broad spectrum of disciplines and offshoot applications related to it. The primary aim is to train students and professionals on state-of-the-art methodologies and tools to measure, understand and predict the marine environment, and derive sustained benefits from the sea. It is elaborated over a course programme spanning and merging the scientific, technical and applicative aspects of oceanography to offer students a wide-ranging integrated approach, linking science to management, putting technology at the service of users and stakeholders, and providing tools and training for more efficient service oriented applications.  

The course modules:

  • Scientific Baseline of Oceanography
  • Practical Baseline of Oceanography
  • Essentials of Operational Oceanography
  • Data Resources in Oceanography
  • Boot Camp – Field survey and hands-on marine data analysis
  • Principles of Ocean Governance
  • Applications and Services deriving from Operational Oceanography

Job Opportunities include:

  • Marine impact assessment and specialized analysis of environmental risks
  • Research fields in oceanography and the marine environment
  • Management of coastal/marine resources
  • Marine-related industries, services and economic activities
  • Policy-making and governance
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Marine observations and forecasting
  • Data mining, management, quality control and archival 

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