Malta Summer School Update

The Physical Oceanography Unit of the IOI-Malta Operational Centre at the University of Malta is making the final preparations to hold an international summer course on applied oceanography in the week  8th to 12th July 2013. The planning and coordination of the course is done by Prof. Aldo Drago jointly with the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS), and is funded by the FP7 JERICO project with additional support by MyOcean and the International Ocean Institute. 

The JERICO Summer School is a quality professional course with 13 high profile foreign lecturers delivering applied and hands-on expertise in operational oceanography with a focus on coastal domains.  There was a high demand for the course and a record number of 83 applicants worldwide applied. After a lengthy selection process 35 students have been now confirmed to attend. 

Operational oceanography in the coastal seas is the focus of this summer school. 

It will deal with technical and theoretical aspects related to metocean observations, operational monitoring platforms, numerical modelling and forecasting, data quality control and management, data assimilation and assessments, data archiving and dissemination. Other aspects include downstream services, applications and links to a wide range of users. The school will provide participants with an overview of coastal observatories and European operational oceanography, now and in the future. Students will be introduced to state-of-the-art methods and tools of operational oceanography across inter-related disciplines from physics to ecology, and over wide geographic scales.

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They will experience how this links to data acquisition and forecasting systems, and to managing sustainable development for scientific and socio-economic purposes.

Further information on the JERICO Malta Summer School can be accessed

This summer school is a precursor to a Masters Course in Applied Oceanography that the PO-Unit of the University of Malta is launching next October.