Exploring Ocean Frontiers: Call for Contributions

🌊 Oceanography Society’s “Frontiers in Ocean Observing” Supplement

The Oceanography Society invites contributions to its third supplement on “Frontiers in Ocean Observing,” scheduled for publication in December 2024. This unique opportunity aims to share diverse perspectives on ocean observation, enhancing understanding and sustainable management.

Themes for Contributions:

  1. Model-Based Design and Evaluation of Observing Networks

    • Evaluate the impact of observations on ocean models.
    • Explore array design, observation priorities, and sampling strategies.
  2. Autonomous Tools for Ecosystem Management and Marine Protected Areas

    • Showcase autonomous vehicles’ role in obtaining biological data.
    • Highlight their contribution to ecosystem-level management in MPAs.
  3. Western Boundary Currents and Their Impacts on Shelf Seas

    • Examine the influence of WBCs on shelf seas and coastal areas.
    • Showcase long-term observations, user engagement, and regional impacts.
  4. Robot-Enabled Access to the Deep Sea

    • Discuss advancements in sensor technologies and AI-driven robotics.
    • Share examples of deep-sea exploration and discoveries.
  5. Low-Cost Technology for an Accessible Deep Ocean

    • Explore innovations in low-cost deep-ocean instrumentation.
    • Highlight successful demonstrations and deployment alternatives.

Submission Details:

  • Submit letters of interest by March 15, 2024, to Ellen Kappel (ekappel@geo-prose.com).
  • Include a brief summary (200 words), author details, chosen theme, and contact information.

Important Dates:

  • Confirmation of contribution: April 15, 2024
  • First draft submission: July 31, 2024
  • Expected publication date: December 2024


  • Open-access publication.
  • No cost to authors (covered by sponsors).
  • Contributions enhance understanding for diverse audiences.

Submit to contribute to advancing ocean observation! For inquiries, contact Ellen Kappel (ekappel@geo-prose.com). Explore and contribute to the evolving frontiers of oceanography.

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