LandSeaLot Project Kick-Off: Enhancing European Observation Capacity

Scientists from around Europe gathered from the 26-28 of March 2024 in Delft for the official Kick-Off Meeting of the new Horizon-Europe-funded LandSeaLot project. Coordinated by the Dutch research institute, Deltares, the project aims to bolster observation capabilities within European river mouths and estuaries. The four year project comprises 20 partners spanning 12 European nations and will bring together communities involved in river to coastal sea as well as carbon observing Research Infrastructures, with citizen science networks and the consortium’s leading scientific expertise. The project will bring novel approaches to help achieve the goals of the Water and Marine Strategy Framework Directive as well as the EU Mission “Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030” and the wider objectives of the EU Green Deal.

At the heart of the LandSeaLot project lies a dedication to enhancing observation capacity across Europe’s critical river mouths and estuaries. This initiative has garnered robust support from various communities, including Danubius, ICOS, and JERICO-RI. These collaborative efforts signify a collective ambition to deepen our understanding of these vital ecosystems and their intricate dynamics.

JERICO’s active participation in the LandSeaLot KO event underscores its unwavering commitment to advancing coastal observation research. Throughout the project, JERICO’s involvement spans across all Work Packages (WPs), showcasing its multifaceted contributions to the initiative. From conceptualisation to implementation, JERICO’s expertise contributes to every facet of the project, supporting its comprehensive and impactful outcomes.

The LandSeaLot project exemplifies the power of collaboration, bringing together leading institutions and research infrastructures to address pressing environmental challenges. With JERICO’s active engagement, alongside other key stakeholders, the project stands poised to make significant strides in bolstering observation capabilities and advancing scientific knowledge.