Euro-Mediterranean Conference 2012 on Research and Innovation

Barcelona 2-3 April 2012

euromedconfThe EU believes that research and innovation are key instruments in promoting sustainable economic growth and job creation. The Southern Mediterranean region called for innovative and ambitious responses from the European Union. The European Commission has established all Mediterranean countries as priority. The EC has also developed a new strategy which is found in two joint Communications of the European Commission and the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. Hence the EU has developed the strategy named CKIS (Common Knowledge and Innovation Space) which is linked to Smart Growth and the EU’s innovation agenda.

Due to this the European Commission’s Research and Innovation DG together with other EU entities is holding a conference whose aims are:

  • Defining the aims and key factors of a medium to long term agenda of Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation in Research and Innovation based on the ideas of policy makers and scientists.
  • The promotion of collaboration between the European Commission, EU member states and South Mediterranean Policies and programmers to enhance the latter’s scientific competencies with the aim of benefiting the whole region.

The conference will host a number of representatives from different sectors of the EU entities and others from the countries concerned speak about the issue at hand.

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