Workshops and Presentations

First JERICO FerryBox workshop, Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, 30th -31st August 2011

The objectives of the workshop were to review current status of operations and to take forward developments of Ferrybox operations supported by other JERICO work packages WP4 and 5.

  1. Overview about the current status of existing FerryBox systems in Europe.

  2. Review status of Ferrybox operations within the evolving network European marine sustained (operational) monitoring activity.

  3. Review development of appropriate new sensors

  4. Plan development of recording of best practice procedures for Ferrybox operations (sensors, maintenance, antifouling, QC/QA, data handling).

The workshop was attended by 23 persons of Jerico partners and was held on 30/31 August at HZG in Geesthacht/Germany.

Download the meeting agenda and minutes and the presentations using the link below.

Durand JERICO-Context1.8 MiB
MUMM Roose Belgica Ferrybox PR V12.0 MiB
CNRS Ifremer Overview FB1.2 MiB
NIVA Sorensen Norwegian Ferrybox Status1.3 MiB
SYKE Kaitala Ferrybox 2011Hamburg21.2 MiB
CEFAS Greenwood Ferrybox Meeting Hamburg Sept 113.4 MiB
HZG Petersen FB Activities2.2 MiB
NIVA Durand JERICO-Context2.0 MiB
OGS Nair FB-Data JERICO WP5 Perspective1.4 MiB
SMHI Karlson FerryBox Geesthacht 30 Aug 20113.8 MiB
NOC-POL Howarth Ferry102.3 KiB
HZG Petersen FB Activities (1)2.2 MiB
HCMR Pethakis Jeriho Ferry Box525.9 KiB