Task 3.1 Ferrybox


– To review the current status and best technical practices of the existing FB systems and to harmonise the resulting data

– To provide technological solutions to integrating new sensors, developed in WP10, into FBs

– To define consensual procedures for using FerryBox data in validation of earth observation data

Methodology / work description:

The review of existing FBs and discussion on best practices will be performed through two main 3-day workshops gathering the entire European FerryBox community (every institute operating a FerryBox line). The core group in this task (HZG, NIVA, NERC and SYKE) who have been the main operators/developers of the FB concept will be in charge of preparing, organising and reporting on the workshops.

1st workshop (M3): Dedicated to the reviewing the state-of-the-art; discussion on the harmonisation issues between systems; and identification of and priority setting on technological and scientific gaps to be addressed in JERICO. This will give important and detailed inputs to the JRAs.

2nd workshop (M42): Focus on best practices for and recommendations on developing and implementing FB technologies in Europe and abroad, as well as paving the future by proposing a development plan for an integrated component of European coastal observatories. This development plan will address the gaps identified in workshop 1 in terms of observations and technologies.These two workshops will be jointly organised by WP3 and WP4, since a number of issues (e.g. technological) are common to both.