Country: Norway


Short name: COVARTEC Contact name:  Dominique Durrand Email address: Durand Research & Consulting is a newly established independent Sole proprietorship company carrying out research and providing consulting services on the EU research arena in general and on the valorization of the coastal ocean through technology and innovation. The company is a provider of new knowledge,… Read more »


Short name: NIVA Contact name:  Kai Sorensen Email address:    The Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA) is Norway’s leading centre of expertise in water related issues. NIVA’s competence spans a wide range of environmental issues including marine biology and ecology, chemistry, pollution, sediments, and physical processes. NIVA is organized in three centers: Center for Freshwater Research, Centre… Read more »


Short name: IRIS Contact name:  Dominique Durand Email address:   IRIS is an independent research institute with research and research-related activities in Energy, Marine Environment, Social Science and Business Development with high focus on applied research. IRIS was established in 2006 as a continuation of Rogaland Research, (founded 1973). IRIS-Environment is a provider of new knowledge, technical solutions… Read more »


Short name: IMR Contact name:  Henning Wehde Email address:    The Institute of Marine Research (IMR), whose headquarters are in Bergen, Norway, is the country’s primary oceanographic research institution and the 2nd largest in Europe. Its main task is to provide advice to Norwegian authorities on the ecosystems of the Barents Sea, the Norwegian Sea, the North Sea… Read more »