International Research Institute of Stavanger AS

Short name: IRIS
Contact name:  Dominique Durand
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Brief Description of Organisation:

IRIS is an independent research institute with research and research-related activities in Energy, Marine Environment, Social Science and Business Development with high focus on applied research. IRIS was established in 2006 as a continuation of Rogaland Research, (founded 1973). IRIS-Environment is a provider of new knowledge, technical solutions and innovation within the fields of marine environment and biotechnology. The department conducts applied research on monitoring of the potential impact of anthropogenic activities in the marine environments. IRIS-Environment integrates competences on marine ecology, ecotoxicology, environmental risk assessment, operational monitoring, applied microbiology and biotechnology.

JERICO-NEXT: Main tasks attributed under Work Packages:

IRIS is leading WP 1 on the JERICO startegy.

IRIS will lead the task on biosensor in the JRA on technology and methodology developments (WP3).

IRIS will significationtly contributes on the JRAP-3 (WP4) on contaminants and descriptor 8 of the MSFD.

IRIS will provide trans-national access and virtual service based on the BiotaGuard multidisciplinary platform.

Relevant Projects- previous and existing

IRIS has been leading or participating in several EU projects, e.g. BEEP, PRAGMA, RESPIL.


International Research Institute of Stavanger AS

Professor Olav Hanssens Vei  15

4068, Stavanger