Short name: COVARTEC
Contact name:  Dominique Durrand
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Durand Research & Consulting is a newly established independent Sole proprietorship company carrying out research and providing consulting services on the EU research arena in general and on the valorization of the coastal ocean through technology and innovation. The company is a provider of new knowledge, technical solutions and innovation within the fields of marine environment, marine observing systems, satellite remote sensing and biotechnology. The company conducts recommendations and advice on marine monitoring and observations to decision-makers and policymakers, with a dedicated focus on the potential impact of anthropogenic activities in the marine environments.

Main tasks attributed under Work Packages:

Durand Research & Consulting is leading WP1 on the JERICO startegy.
Durand Research & Consulting will significationtly contributes in WP4 by being the lead participant for D4.1 and by contributing to JRAP-3 on contaminants and descriptor 8 of the MSFD.