Short name: COVARTEC
Contact name:  Dominique Durrand
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Brief Description of Organisation:

COVARTEC AS is a newly established SME company having its main business in research innovation and consulting. COVARTEC facilitates research & Innovations through consulting services in the EU research area in general and on the valorisation of the coastal ocean through technological and biotechnological innovations in particular. The company is a provider of new knowledge, technical solutions and innovation within the fields of marine environment, marine observing systems, satellite remote sensing and biotechnology. COVARTEC engages in research in national and EU funded projects, as well as innovation projects funded by large industries. The company gives recommendations and advice on state-of-the-art marine monitoring and observations to decision-makers and policymakers, with a dedicated focus on the potential impact of anthropogenic activities in the marine environments.

JERICO-S3: Main tasks attributed under Work Packages:

COVARTEC will contribute to WP1, WP2, WP3, WP5, WP7, WP9 and WP10.
WP1: in addition to leading task 1.2, COV will participate to task 1.1 and 1.3.
WP2: COV will lead task 2.3 on interfacing with EO, industry and citizen science, and will contribute to task 2.2 (interface with other RIs) and 2.5 on consolidating the relationship with iOOS and ONC
WP3: COV will contribute to IRS Skagerrak/kattegat and IRS Norwegian Sea. In addition we will secure tight cooperation between WP1 and WP3.
WP5: COV will contribute to the definition of metrics and KPIs for quantifying progress on Harmonisation and quality of JERICO-RI
WP9: COV will chair the committee for long-term governance and will contribute to task 9.4 (business plan). .
WP10: COV will lead task 10.2 (Communication plan).

Relevant Projects- previous and existing:

H2020-INFRAIA-JERICO-Next (WP lead), H2020-INFRAIA-AQUACOSM (WP lead), FP7-INFRAIA-JERICO (WP co-lead), FP7-RIA-ECO2, FP7-INFRAIA-FixO3, FP6-IA-MyOcean, H2020-SC2-BG-04- iFishIENCi (IA)