GOOS publishes its annual report card on the status of the global ocean observing system in 2023

The Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) has released the new Ocean Observing System Report Card 2023.

In 2023, the GOOS Report Card showcases achievements and challenges in continuing to integrate physical, biogeochemical and biological observations to provide a global view of the status of the observing system and the ocean we observe.

The 2023 Report Card focuses on several key areas, including:

  • Delivering a global overview of the status of the ocean observing networks;
  • Tracking marine heatwaves to better understand their impacts on society and ecosystems;
  • Streamlining the connection between observations and services to improve extreme event forecasts;
  • Monitoring the health of our seagrass habitats, vital for fisheries, blue carbon and coastal resilience;
  • Collaborating with industry and training the new generation of ocean observers.

The report advocates the value of integrated ocean observing networks and a truly global ocean observing system.