JERICO-S3 TA FACILITY OF THE WEEK: NIVA Research Station and Ferryboxes

Our second facility of the week is the Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA) station and ferryboxes in NORWAY!

We are highlighting a selection of our unique facilities from the wide range of regional facilities that are available for the JERICO-S3 TA 2nd call which is open until 31st May 2021. Email with any queries.

Facility: NIVA Research Station and FerryBoxes

Location: Norway

The NIVA research station, located in Solbergstrand, performs large-scale experiments in marine ecology, sediment research, biogeochemistry, aquaculture and tests technology for treating ballast water. The research station offers calibration, validation, and testing services.

NIVA also offers Ferrybox routes for:

  • coastal Norway (Bergen- Kirkenes, NO)
  • eastern North Sea (Oslo, NO- Kiel, DE)
  • North Atlantic (Hirtshals, DK-Seydisfjordur, IS)

Ferrybox systems include a core sensor package with thermosalinograph, inlet temperature sensor, oxygen, chl-a fluorescence, turbidity and system for water sampling; with additional sensors for PAH, pycocyanin, cDOM, pCO2, pH, and microplastics sampling units on some installations.

More information on NIVA research station and Ferryboxes can be found in the Transnational Access tab and on their website.

Please contact the facility provider for more details on usage of facility and cooperation at the infrastructure.

Credit: NIVA, Color Line, Hurtigruten