NIVA’s FerryBox data available for JERICO-NEXT Virtual Access

NIVA’s FerryBox data for three ships of opportunity (M/S Trollfjord – Norwegian coast, M/S Color Fantasy – North Sea, and M/S Norbjørn – Barents Sea) are available for JERICO-NEXT Virtual Access as of January 2018. Daily data can be downloaded by FTP from NIVA’s website (

Additionally, NIVA has developed digital touchscreen consoles to promote ocean literacy to provide educational information and near real-time ocean data collected by FerryBoxes. The consoles are designed for use by school aged children and adults, and provide information in English, German, and Norwegian. This has been led by the H2020 ResponSEAble project with support for data processing and virtual access by H2020 JERICO-NEXT. Two consoles are currently in operation – one on the passenger cruise ship M/S Trollfjord and one in the entrance lobby of NIVA’s main office in Oslo as you can see on the picture.