EEA and EuroGOOS sign partnership agreement

The European Environment Agency (EEA) and the European Global Ocean Observation System (EuroGOOS) signed a partnership agreement on April 10th 2013. This agreement focuses on the issues related to marine in situ data.

eea-eurogoosEEA and EuroGOOS sign partnership agreement picture
EEA and EuroGOOS sign partnership agreement

This means that they will work together to create a standard way of accessing data that comes from Regional Ocean Observing System (ROOS), a series of national institutions within the EU Member States, and that is currently made available through data portals.

Marine in situ data is seen as a public good and therefore it should be made open to all and provided free of charge.
All this data will be made available also for the MyOcean2 and the Copernicus Marine Service.
Further information on the EEA can be found at and about EuroGOOS at