Task 4.2

Task 4.1: Coordination and dissemination of Pilot Supersite implementation
Task 4.2: Innovative monitoring and science strategy for Pilot Supersite implementation
Task 4.3: Implementation of JERICO Pilot Supersites

Innovative monitoring and science strategy for Pilot Supersite implementation

M1-M19 (Lead: SYKE, partners: HCMR, Hereon, IFREMER, SOCIB)

Task 4.2 defines the concept of a coastal Supersite and jointly with WP1 and WP2 sets and harmonises the overall targets and procedures of PSSs to reach the WP4 objectives. The regional specificities in societal information needs and open scientific questions are analysed together with WP1 and prioritised for each PSS. With WP2, regional actor analysis (3rd party observatories including other environmental RI networks, modelling communities, remote sensing communities) will be carried out, and critical gaps in multidisciplinary data provision for user needs will be identified. Results of these analyses are disseminated to WP1 and WP2 (MS4.1). To guide Task 4.3, implementation strategies for each PSS will be tailored (D4.1) that will address local, regional, and harmonised European research questions (WP1, WP2), available best practices (WP5), data flows and QC-practices (WP6), new technologies (WP7), and provision of VA and TA (WP11, WP8-TA and WP8-VA). D4.1 feeds the design of innovative monitoring strategy (WP1) and creation of sustainable coastal observations (WP9), and it will be assessed and refined (D4.2) after initial implementation of PSSs and feedback from other WPs.


Task 4.2: D4.1 (M7) Regionalised innovative monitoring and science strategy at each PSS. Implementation plan for each PSS to address the key regional research questions, including sampling strategy, PSS integration strategy, best practices used, identification of data flows, QC routines and products, dissemination plan, and links to other regional observatories, PSSs and RIs. 

Task 4.2: D4.2 (M19) Assessment and refinement of D4.1 after 1 year of PSS implementation. Revision of D4.1 after careful analyses of the initial status of implementation and obtaining feedback from other WPs.