Task 3.1

Task 3.1: Coordination and links to other WPs
Task 3.2: Development of regional IRS strategy and business and sustainability plans
Task 3.3: Integration and harmonization within and between regions
Task 3.4: Regional data harmonisation/delivery and products

Coordination and links to other WPs

M1-M42 (Lead: NIVA, partner: IRB)

This task will coordinate and oversee tasks in this WP to ensure progress towards the objectives of the WP and work together with WP1 on overall design and strategy of the JERICO-RI, WP2 identifying and cooperating with region-specific working groups, and modeling and EO communities, WP4 on links and knowledge transfer to/from PSSs, WP5 on network/hardware harmonisation/best practices/KPIs, WP6 on how to organize and deliver data from regional to pan-European data portals, WP7 on region-specific implementation of new and innovative observational equipment, WP8 and WP11 on IRS-specific provisions of virtual and transnational access, and WP9 on path towards sustainability. Regular communication and meetings (including at ARWs) will be held with task leads regarding integration activities and progress.

Work within each IRS will be carried out by five regional Working Groups with disciplinary regional representatives:

WG-NA: Northern Adriatic Sea (OGS (lead), IRB, CNR), Brunetti (physics), Cantoni (chemistry), Marić Pfannkuchen (biology);

WG-IB: Iberian Atlantic Margin (IH (lead), PdE), Gómez (physics), Palma (chemistry), Oliveira (biology); WG-BB: Bay of Biscay (AZTI (lead), IFREMER, CNRS), Grémare (biology), Charria/Rubio (physics), Schafer (chemistry);

WG-KS: Kattegat-Skagerrak-Eastern North Sea (SMHI (lead), NIVA, IMR, DMI, Hereon), Wehde (physics), Karlson (biology), and King (chemistry);

WG-NS: Norwegian Sea (IMR (lead), NIVA, NORCE, FAMRI), Wehde (physics), Salter (biology), King (chemistry).