Task 8.8

Task 8.1: Create a channel for 2-way communication with user groups
Task 8.2: Inform and engage stakeholders and public user groups
Task 8.3: Inform and engage research and policy end-users
Task 8.4: Inform and engage industry
Task 8.5: Enhance European human capacity building in operational marine sciences (Engaging with Education) 
Task 8.6: Sustain and develop JERICO-NEXT web presence for dissemination of products and knowledge 
Task 8.7: JERICO Data Portal
Task 8.8: Implementing Transnational Access to coastal observatories
Task 8.9: Coordinating WP6 Virtual Access

Implementing Transnational Access to coastal observatories

Lead: CNR (Stefania Sparnocchia)

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Purpose: Prepare and manage three calls for proposal to access to infrastructures in WP7 for academic and industry users. Work will be carried out in compliance with Article 16 of the Grant Agreement, and in particular with article 16.1 “Rules for providing trans-national access to research infrastructure”.

  • Subtask 8.8.1 – Setting procedures and teams for access provision (M1 – M8)

    • Review of the selection procedure and evaluation criteria established in JERICO (G.A. 262584);

    • Define the Selection Panel (SP) of independent experts to involve in the selection of the proposals.

    • Establishing the JERICO-NEXT TNA Office based at CNR for proposals management.

    • Establishing the TNA management team coordinating the evaluation process.

      The teams will be named at the project kick-off meeting.

  • Subtask 8.8.2 – Drafting and launching the calls, evaluation of proposals (M6 – M36)
    • Publish three calls on the website and advertise through scientific fora and specialised e-mail lists.

    • Implement the evaluation process. Evaluate, transparently, and select proposals through peer-review based criteria, fairness and scientific merit. Meeting after each call for selection of proposals.

    • Publish the evaluation process and results on the project website.

  • Subtask 8.8.3 – Access implementation, reporting and dissemination (M18 – M47)

    • Drafting and subscription of agreements between providers and users defining rules and conditions for the execution of the access to the infrastructure, agreed work program and schedule.

    • Define and implement a reporting mechanism for dissemination of scientific and technological TNA outcomes (web-articles, user reports, list of publications and presentations).


D8.9: Rules and procedure for TNA – Document to report rules and procedures to implement the Trans National Access (M8).