Task 8.4

Task 8.1: Create a channel for 2-way communication with user groups
Task 8.2: Inform and engage stakeholders and public user groups
Task 8.3: Inform and engage research and policy end-users
Task 8.4: Inform and engage industry
Task 8.5: Enhance European human capacity building in operational marine sciences (Engaging with Education) 
Task 8.6: Sustain and develop JERICO-NEXT web presence for dissemination of products and knowledge 
Task 8.7: JERICO Data Portal
Task 8.8: Implementing Transnational Access to coastal observatories
Task 8.9: Coordinating WP6 Virtual Access

Inform and engage industry

Lead: SLR Consulting (Nick O’Neill)

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Purpose: To establish links and credibility with industry.

Approach: Build on the results of, and extend, the Forum for Coastal Technologies. Industry members of the user group (D8.1) with members of JERICO-NEXT will be the core of a cluster of expertise in coastal environmental monitoring. The cluster will provide equipment and sensor development to address gaps in the suite of environmental monitoring techniques required to meet new regulatory standards.

  • Agree cluster membership and invite participants (including government agencies), 
  • Three workshops on new coastal environmental monitoring technologies focusing on prioritising future investment and as a result –
  • Set up a Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) for coastal environmental monitoring,
  • Promote JERICO Community Hub amongst EU government agencies with a view to having government act as “intelligent lead customers” in sourcing innovative technologies, 
  • Provide a “Tender Watch” service to the JERICO community 

Links to WP2 and WP3: Three workshops will include presentations from WP2 to inspire confidence in the end-user community that harmonisation and standardisation is assured with any JERICO labelled products or services. The case studies and technology clusters of WP3 will be reflected in the choice of representative members of JERICO on the KTN for coastal environmental monitoring.


D8.4: Final report on the three workshops, KTN and Tender Watch service (M40)