Task 4.7

Task 4.1: JRAP#1 (pelagic biodiversity)- Biodiversity of plankton, harmful algal blooms and eutrophication 
Task 4.2: JRAP #2 (benthic biodiversity)- Monitoring changes in macrobenthic biodiversity. Assessing potential environmental controls and functional consequences
Task 4.3: JRAP #3 Occurrence of chemical contaminants in Northern coastal waters and biological responses
Task 4.4: JRAP #4 (hydrography): 4D characterization of trans-boundary hydrography and transport
Task 4.5: JRAP #5 Coastal carbon fluxes and biogeochemical cycling
Task 4.6: JRAP #6 Operational oceanography and coastal forecasting
Task 4.7: WP4 coordination and links with other WPs

WP4 coordination and links with other WPs

Lead: IFREMER (Ingrid Puillat)

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The coordination of WP4 includes usual activities such as deliverable preparation. It will also pay attention to strengthen the link with other WPs. During the JERICO-NEXT kick-off meeting a specific session will be organized to present the WP4 and the 6 JRAPs in order to initiate and secure the interactions with task 1.2 of WP1. JRAPs progress and outputs will then be presented during 3 dedicated workshops, which will address links with: WP2, for harmonization of methods; WP3, for feedback after application of technological developments; WP5 for the application of data management procedures and WP8 for the communication of results and support materials.


D4.5 will report the final results, to valorise JERICO added value. It will also include a prospective chapter to propose monitoring and study strategies for future for each of the 6 topics. This will partly feed the task 1.6 (Month 43)