PHYTO-OPS: a tool for visualisation of phytoplankton data from FerryBox, HPLC and flow cytometry

Phytoplankton are the basis of the marine ecosystem and as such in-situ data on phytoplankton abundance, biomass and community composition are vital for scientific understanding of ecosystem processes, ecosystem assessments and validation of modelling and earth observation data. Over the last few years, biological sensors have been developed and deployed successfully on buoys, research vessels, container ships and ferries. These measure the diversity, biomass and the physiological state of the phytoplankton at high frequency, generating data on line. However, the quantity of data produced as well as their differing format compared to traditional approaches makes it difficult to integrate these data types into existing data infrastructure. PHYTO-OPS (phytoplankton observations, products and services), is an R shiny application designed to make biological data collected during regular surveys on board the RV Cefas Endeavour around the UK more accessible, by visualising the data and improving their interoperability to inform experts in phytoplankton ecology such as remote sensing scientists, modellers, data managers and monitoring agencies. This application is now available through the Cefas website and as a product in the JERICO-NEXT catalogue, with the data available on the Cefas Data Hub.