JERICO-Next WP2 workshop on Calibration and Assessment

In the framework of the Sea tech Week 2016, Ifremer organized on Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th October, a meeting focused on Calibration and Assessment led by Florence Salvetat, leader of the concerned task (2.5).

WP2 task 2.5_STW

This meeting was the first workshop of Task 2.5 of Work Package 2 of the EU H2020 JERICO-NEXT (“Joint European Research Infrastructure network for Coastal Observatory – Novel European eXpertise for coastal observaTories”) project. The task, entitled “Calibration and Assessment”, consists of a series of activities aimed at optimizing the overall reliability of the project’s observing component, the JERICO coastal observatory network, particularly in relation to the metrological consistency, comparability and quality of data and data products. The meeting served to present, describe and discuss the actions planned within this task, including their links with the other tasks and work packages (especially those relating to sensors and systems) of the project. It also provided the first occasion for the participants in the task to meet and interact with each other directly since the start of JERICO-NEXT. The meeting also reviewed the outcomes of similar actions that were undertaken during the EU FP7 JERICO (“Towards a Joint European Research Infrastructure network for Coastal Observatories”) project, which ended in 2015 and was the forerunner of JERICO-NEXT, to try and draw useful lessons and parallels.

The main comments raised by the audience were:

  • The necessity to keep on working toward the sharing of experiences and harmonization of practices.
  • The agreement on the protocol proposed for the salinity exercise.
  • The need to survey Jerico Next partners on their equipment, practices and needs before defining the next pH and O2 interlaboratory comparison.
  • The necessity to have more partners involved in this “Calibration and Assessment” task: are there any needs that are not currently investigated by the task?

Florence Salvetat (Ifremer) also presented this key meeting in a short video