Monitoring of environmental threats and pressures in Europe

In order to develop the Jerico Next Science Strategy for future monitoring we need to identify environmental threats and gaps in monitoring.

To accomplish this, we have created a questionnaire to capture information on environmental threats and monitoring programmes in Europe.

The questionnaire has been developed in a format which facilitates database analysis of the information returned. It needs to be completed online, using Google forms, and includes two linked forms/questionnaires.

  1. The first questionnaire is to identify threats in European Seas, and to assess whether existing monitoring programmes are adequate.    
  2. The second questionnaire is to provide information on current monitoring programmes. This form includes a link to a spreadsheet so that information on monitoring stations can be provided.

When you click ‘submit’, your response will be received online. You can save partially completed forms, as long as the required fields are completed, and go back to an entry and edit it later. To do so:  click submit, right click on the link “Edit your response”, and save the link so you can edit the form later (you will only be able to access it with this link so don’t lose it!).

If you have any questions, please contact Suzanne Painting or Kate Collingridge at Cefas.

Deadline: 12th October