JERICO TNA sampling polar organic chemicals in marine water with organic –diffusive gradient in thin-film (o-DGT)

Chang’er Chen, Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University, UK.

This experiment under JERICO TNA started on 11th September, 2013 with the ferrybox together with the ‘Chem-Mariner’ unit in the ferry of Color Fantasy travels between Oslo (Norway) and Kiel (Germany) and with the fix station in Cuxhaven in Germany. The experiment is planned to end in the middle of October, 2013.

Figure-1 Deployment in Ferrybox (Color Fantasy Oslo-Kiel)

The experiment is supported/collaborated with Kai Sorensen from NIVA for the Ferrybox and Daniel Proefrock/Wilhelm Petersen from HZG. The purpose of the research is to test the novel passive water sampler – diffusive gradient in thin-film for organics (o-DGT) for in situ measurement of polar organic chemicals in marine environment and investigate the contaminants distribution in the area covered by the color line (Oslo to Kiel) (Figure 1) and in the fix station at Cuxhaven (Figure 2). Another passive sampler – ceramic dosimeter was also co-deployed in order to compare.

Figure-2 Deployment in Cuxhaven, Germany

The samplers will be retrieved by the colleagues from NIVA and HZG, respectively, after about every week following the deployment. After retrieving all the samplers after 4 weeks, the samplers will be extracted and subsequently analyzed for polar organic chemicals, mainly antibiotics.