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SOCIB Data Repository

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The Balearic Islands Coastal Observing and Forecasting System (SOCIB) is a Unique Scientific and Technical Infrastructure (ICTS) that operates a coastal ocean observing and forecasting system, a scientific and technological infrastructure providing free, open, quality-controlled, validated, and timely streams of oceanographic data, as well as data stewardship and long-term preservation.

SOCIB offers an Open Access Data Repository critical for oceanographic research. The repository contains a wide range of Essential Ocean Variables (EOVs) covering from physics (sea water temperature, sea water salinity, currents, sea surface height, etc.) to biochemistry (nutrients, oxygen, turbidity, etc.) and biology (chlorophyll mass concentration, etc.). In addition to those, it is possible to find also related meteorological variables (atmospheric pressure, wind velocity, and direction, air temperature, and humidity, etc.).

This data, either reported by observing facilities (oceanographic buoys, drifters, profilers, gliders, high-frequency radars, etc.) or outputted by hydrodynamical (WMOP), wave (SAPO), or meteorological (BRIFS) numerical models, facilitates the monitoring and forecast of the ocean state and variability in the frame of a number of projects and observation programmes with a particular focus on the Western Mediterranean Sea.

Following the FAIR principles (Findable; Accessible; Interoperable; Re-usable) for scientific data management, a number of protocols and applications have been set up for the users to access the SOCIB Data Repository. In addition, this data is also exposed through the DIGITAL.CSIC repository.


SOCIB – Balearic Islands Coastal Ocean Observing and Forecasting System

Contact name: Joaquin Tintoré and Juan Gabriel Fernández

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Location: Balearic Islands


Data type:

  • glider
  • argo profiler
  • drifters
  • surface currents
  • turtles
  • CTD
  • current profiler
  • currentmeter
  • tide gauge
  • weather stations
  • sea level
  • waves recorder
  • multiparameter probe


  • fixed stations
  • beach monitoring
  • data centre
  • ocean forecast
  • research vessel
  • glider
  • lagrangian platforms
  • HF radar
  • satellite


  • open data
  • multiplatform
  • ocean observation
  • Ocean literacy
  • Mediterranean Sea