Alg@line – Real time algal monitoring in the Baltic Sea

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Alg@line – Real time algal monitoring in the Baltic Sea

Short title2: SYKE Marine Research Centre

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SYKE Alg@line network in the Baltic Sea monitors the state of the sea and detects algal blooms. Several millions of data points are collected annually from the Baltic Sea, using a fleet of ferries operated by shipping companies. Ferries are equipped with flow-through systems (usually called ‘Ferryboxes’) with spatial measurement resolution of about 200 m. The data recording has the geo-reference logging from GPS. Ferryboxes incorporate a thermosalinograph, chlorohyll, phycocyanin and CDOM fluorometers, turbidity meter and refrigerated sampling unit providing discrete water samples for laboratory analyses (e.g. microscopy, FlowCAM, nutrients, optical analysis, and experimental work). Additional flow-through sensors e.g. for primary production (FRRF) and light reflectance are used periodically,

Data is visualized in SYKE webpage and in Järviwiki (alias Lakewiki)which is a web service built and maintained in cooperation by authorities and common people. Data may be downloaded through Emodnet and CMEMS


Finnish Environment Institute

Contact name: Jukka Seppala

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Location: BOOS. Baltic Sea – Helsinki, Finland -> Travemünde, Germany; Helsinki, Finland -> Stockholm, Sweden


Baltic Sea, ferrybox, algae, phytoplankton, nutrients,cyanobacteria