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Norferry consists of 5 Ferrybox installations operating in the °Southern Baltic, North Atlantic and Arctic waters from 54 ° to 78 ° North and will provide key surface oceanographic data.

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The Ferrybox installation provide the core sensor data from about 4 meters depth of temperature, salinity, Chl-a fluorescence, oxygen and turbidity. Some ships will also provide data on parameters, ocean colour and true wind. Special sampling can be ordered.

Researchers are invited to conduct research from NorFerry data on eutrophication, biodiversity, chemistry, biogeochemistry and remote sensing. The users will be given access to sensor data measured on-board and that are on-line after the QC has been performed on the core sensor and biogeochemical data when available. Data will be uploaded daily (near real-time) to weekly/biweekly. The user can access support from NIVA researchers/technical staff.

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Norwegian Institute for Water Research. Special data access will be provided through the or an ftp.

Contact name: Kai Sorensen, Andrew King

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Location: Baltic, North Sea, Atlantic Sea and Arctic areas.


  • Ferrybox data
  • From Baltic to Arctic waters
  • Core Sensordata like T, S, Chl-a, Turb, O2.
  • Biogeochemical data.