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Marine component of the Estonian Environmental Observatory (KKOBS)

Short title2: KKOBS

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The marine component of the Estonian Environmental Observatory is part of the Gulf of Finland Pilot Supersite in JERICO. The observatory is composed of fixed coastal sensors (sea level), Tallinn-Helsinki ferrybox system, Keri cabled profiling system, portable profiling systems, wave buoy, research vessel surveys. The observatory addresses the main environmental challenges in the area, such as eutrophication and its consequences, climate change effects, microplastic pollution etc. Likewise, observations provide data to the physical oceanographers dealing with the water column dynamics, coastal-offshore exchange, etc. and marine ecologists studying water column and benthic habitats. Observatory collects long-term time-series for the climate and marine system change studies and high-resolution data for the process studies.



Contact name: Taavi Liblik

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Location: Baltic Sea, Estonia


Ferrybox, profiler, physical oceanography, coastal sea, biogeochemistry, eutrophication