Task 5.4

Task 5.1: Coordination and Dissemination
Task 5.2: Functional homogenisation support and tools for mature coastal observing platforms
Task 5.3:Procedures and best practices for observing biological and biogeochemical variables from JERICO-RI platforms
Task 5.4: Performance Monitoring for the operation and integration of JERICO-RI platforms

Performance Monitoring for the operation and integration of JERICO-RI platforms

M1-M40 (Lead: OGS; Partners: SOCIB, AZTI, CNR, CNRS, Hereon, HCMR, COVARTEC, IEEE)

Subtask 5.4.1 Homogenization of KPPIs for the operation of JERICO-RI platforms (OGS, CNRS, IEEE, Steering Teams 1-4 leaders). Key Platform Performance Indicators (KPPI) for monitoring the operations of each platform will be defined taking into account the key issues identified in T5.2.1 and implemented in the functional networking tools of T5.2.2. These KPPIs will focus, first, on the operability and contrast between platforms and instrument payloads, and second, on the implementation of the JERICO Label (JERICO-NEXT D2.7). The four Steering Teams (defined in Task 5.2) on mature platforms will be involved in this subtask.

Subtask 5.4.2 KIPIs for the integration capabilities of JERICO-RI (CNRS, SOCIB, AZTI, COVARTEC, OGS). Key Integration Performance Indicators (KIPIs) will be defined for estimating the integration capabilities of each observatory: number of EOVs/EBVs that could be integrated, per space-temporal scales (mesoscale, sub-mesoscale…), per region and during a specific period (D5.3). They will focus on the products that arise from the combination of monitoring data streams and on the intercalibration, intervalidation and cooperation between multi-platform coastal observatories, other RIs, and EO and modelling communities (WP2). Technical recommendations will finally be provided to WP1 gathering PSS (WP3) and IRS (WP4) experiences (D5.7).

Subtask 5.4.3 Management of the harmonisation of JERICO-RI (AZTI, SOCIB, CNR). A dashboard will be designed for an integrated management of the harmonisation in each PSS/IRS as a tool for the JERICO Label Committee (WP13). It will allow a continuous monitoring of the Readiness Level of each technology in each PSS/IRS. A first version will be launched M12 and a completed version will include the developed Key Performance Indicators from the previous subtask. The implementation will be delivered to JERICO e-infrastructure (WP11).


Task 5.4: D5.7 Technical recommendations for integration based on the monitored experiences in PSS/IRS.