Task 9.4

Task 9.1: Day To Day Management
Task 9.2: Financial Follow-Up
Task 9.3: General Assembly And Technical Reporting
Task 9.4: Committees
Task 9.5: Quality Assurance Plan
Task 9.6: Other Management-Related Issues


Lead: IFREMER (Patrick Farcy)

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The coordinator will animate the Advisory Committee. 3 meetings will be organised. 

Steering Committees: 6 Steering Committees meetings will be held during the project.

The other label committees (science, technical and data management) will be coordinated in that task by the coordination team even if the follow-up of the committees will be organised by the WP1 for the science, WP2 for the technology and WP5 for the data management.


D9.1) Signed consortium agreement [month 6]

D9.2) Quality assurance plan inc. guidelines, best practices, project handbook [month 6]

D9.3) Final project report (activity financial, societal) [month 48]