Task 8.6

Task 8.1: Create a channel for 2-way communication with user groups
Task 8.2: Inform and engage stakeholders and public user groups
Task 8.3: Inform and engage research and policy end-users
Task 8.4: Inform and engage industry
Task 8.5: Enhance European human capacity building in operational marine sciences (Engaging with Education) 
Task 8.6: Sustain and develop JERICO-NEXT web presence for dissemination of products and knowledge 
Task 8.7: JERICO Data Portal
Task 8.8: Implementing Transnational Access to coastal observatories
Task 8.9: Coordinating WP6 Virtual Access

Sustain and develop JERICO-NEXT web presence for dissemination of products and knowledge

Lead: Blue Lobster (Simon Keeble)

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To update, sustain and further develop the JERICO web site as an information hub and data portal (T8.9) for outreach and dissemination of products, knowledge and data to key stakeholder user groups.


  • Review the current JERICO web site. Revise the specification to meet new requirements.
  • Update the website to meet current standards and optimise performance, security and accessibility.
  • Identify and prepare initial content. Upload initial content and launch the website.
  • Design and launch a complementary Social Media campaign to support an effective, product and information dissemination / communication strategy.
  • Provide access and links to JERICO products, documents and data.
  • Provide access to project information, Virtual-SA products and services.
  • Maintain, host and update website and Social Media accounts with content, data and information.


D8.7: Launch of revised JERICO-NEXT web presence. (M12)