Task 8.2

Task 8.1: Create a channel for 2-way communication with user groups
Task 8.2: Inform and engage stakeholders and public user groups
Task 8.3: Inform and engage research and policy end-users
Task 8.4: Inform and engage industry
Task 8.5: Enhance European human capacity building in operational marine sciences (Engaging with Education) 
Task 8.6: Sustain and develop JERICO-NEXT web presence for dissemination of products and knowledge 
Task 8.7: JERICO Data Portal
Task 8.8: Implementing Transnational Access to coastal observatories
Task 8.9: Coordinating WP6 Virtual Access

Inform and engage stakeholders and public user groups

Lead: Blue Lobster (Simon Keeble)

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Purpose: To communicate targeted knowledge and engage society.


  • Provide current and accurate information from JERICO-NEXT project and partner products and information for the website targeting society.
  • To collaborate with the end-user panel (T8.1) and produce up to 3 compelling visualisation products that inform and engage on topics of priority to society.
  • Identify, with the end-user panel, effective dissemination mechanisms (e.g. Project Website, Links with National Aquariums, Factsheets, YouTube, Social Media) and implement.
  • Communicate through links with international newspapers in French and English using the Alphagalileo platform to reach European journalists. The articles will be reported in the dissemination plan.
  • Develop the necessary educational material to update “Follow the Glider” web content.


D8.2: Three visualisation products during the project to inform and engage public users (M48)