Task 2.6

Task 2.1: Coordination of network harmonization
Task 2.2: Consolidation of initiated network harmonization actions
Task 2.3: Harmonizing new network systems
Task 2.4: Harmonizing new network sensors
Task 2.5: Calibration and assessment
Task 2.6: The JERICO Label Technical Committee

The JERICO Label Technical Committee

Lead: OGS (Rajesh Nair)

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It is reasonable to expect that the progressive harmonization of technologies, methodologies and procedures within the JERICO observing network will result in greater operational transparency, and more uniform services and products. The possibility of introducing a “JERICO Label” to showcase these qualities outside the network is already being studied in the JERICO(FP7) project. Task 2.6 will carry forward this effort, reviewing the available information on the topic, identifying drawbacks and weaknesses, and revising and reformulating the Label itself in a way that will aid in standardizing operations and processes across the network. The wider goal is to try and establish a kind of consensus-based “benchmark” for normalizing the operating practices of research infrastructures involved in coastal observing activities that can be freely adopted by any interested party on a purely voluntary basis, provided compliance with the set requirements are met. The JERICO Label Technical Committee will be constituted by the participants in the task, a member of the WP Coordination Team and one representative from each of the active WGs and the Calibration Board. The Committee will convene once every year in concomitance with project meetings or General Assemblies to avoid unnecessary additional costs. The meetings of the JERICO Label Technical Committee will be organized in close collaboration with WP9.