Task 2.1

Task 2.1: Coordination of network harmonization
Task 2.2: Consolidation of initiated network harmonization actions
Task 2.3: Harmonizing new network systems
Task 2.4: Harmonizing new network sensors
Task 2.5: Calibration and assessment
Task 2.6: The JERICO Label Technical Committee

Coordination of network harmonization

Lead: OGS (Rajesh Nair)

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Task 2.1 will deal with the general administration of the WP. A Coordination Team (CT) chaired by the WP2 leaders will be set up to handle the overall WP strategy and supervise its application The CT will be constituted by the leaders of the different tasks of the WP, from task 2.2 to task 2.6. Working Groups (WGs), organized from amongst representatives of the involved Partners, will be instituted to advise on specific actions or research areas relevant to these tasks. A separate Calibration Board will be formed to oversee matters relating to calibration and metrological consistency. The WGs and the Calibration Board will be part of the JERICO Label Technical Committee. The long-term objective of this task is to implement harmonization as a systematic infrastructure activity within the JERICO network.