Task 1.6

Task 1.1: Literature review 
Task 1.2: Science strategy 
Task 1.3: Interaction with biology and biogeochemistry infrastructures and consortia 
Task 1.4: Interaction with European and international Ocean Observing networks 
Task 1.5: Strategy toward sustainability: Economics and Governance 
Task 1.6: Strategy for the future and the JERICO label 

Strategy for the future and the JERICO label 

Lead: IFREMER (Patrick Farcy)

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Task 1.6 will provide a global strategy for the implementation of a future Network of coastal observatories, ensuring both the long lasting impact of the infrastructure for research and marine policy in Europe and the subsequent necessary governance and economic framework.

  • SubTask 1.6.1: Will synthesise technical and scientific parts of the JERICO Label. A synthesis of the “how to” to deliver a harmonized infrastructure compliant with EMODNet and Copernicus will be produced as part of D1.4. It will include an upgrade of the JERICO label elaborated within the JERICO (FP7) project. This label will no longer be restricted to purely technological considerations but will meet specific standards regarding: (1) the validity of the observation strategy, (2) the quality of the technology, and (3) the adequacy of data storing and handling procedures. The JERICO label will be attributed by the JERICO Label committee, established in WP9, and emanating from WP1 (observation strategy), WP2 (technology) and WP5 (data management)

  • SubTask 1.6.2: Will define the balance between scientific requirements (see task 1.1 and1.2), financial constraints and their consequences in terms of sustainability. Task 1.6 will receive inputs from all other tasks of WP1 as well from WP2 (best practices) and from WP4 (implementation and achievements of the JRAPs), WP3 and from the VA (WP6) and TNA (WP7) activities. Task 1.6 will be in possession of all inputs by Month 44 so that the last year of the project will be devoted to their synthesis. This will lead to the production of a report proposing a roadmap for the durable implementation of a European network of coastal observatories.


D1.4: Report on the JERICO roadmap for the future. (M48)