Task 1.1

Task 1.1: Literature review 
Task 1.2: Science strategy 
Task 1.3: Interaction with biology and biogeochemistry infrastructures and consortia 
Task 1.4: Interaction with European and international Ocean Observing networks 
Task 1.5: Strategy toward sustainability: Economics and Governance 
Task 1.6: Strategy for the future and the JERICO label 

Literature review

Lead: CNRS (Antoine Grémare)

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Task 1.1 will consist of a literature review considering the main environmental problems and threats currently taking place within the European coastal oceans. It will consider major disturbances and threats taking place over small spatial scales spreading from local to a few kilometres, listing potentially affected sites and the corresponding monitoring programs. Particular attention will be devoted to existing monitoring projects associated within the WFD and the ones to be adopted or if required developed for implementation of the MSFD or through dedicated climate change monitoring programs. In order to do so, task 1.1 will build on information provided through a network of national representatives, EU funded projects and initiatives, e.g., EMODnet sea-basin checkpoints, and using inputs from the JERICO-NEXT end users panel (WP8), to be gathered through a workshop with all participants of WP1. This workshop will immediately follow the kick-off meeting. A gap analysis will be conducted. An important outcome will be map(s) and/list(s) of all major areas at threat with a special focus on those, which are not monitored.


D1.1: Report on a review of all major sites at threat with a special focus on those that are not yet subjected to monitoring. (M18)