Second call

The second call for TNA to JERICO NEXT infrastructures opened on February 20, 2017 and closed on April 10, 2017.

A total of fifteen submitted proposals passed the evaluation (listed below in alphabetical order):

Project Acronym

Project title

Host infrastructure(s)

Project Report


Fourth Algerian Basin circulation unmanned survey

SOCIB glider facility, Spain

ABACUS4 Report Final (709.6 KiB)


Automatic Data and Video Acquisition for uNderwater monitoring across Coastal Environments

SBI Galway Bay Cabled Observatory, Ireland

UPC Expandable Seafloor Observatory, Spain


ANB Sensors pHIMS

Testing an autonomous self-calibrating pH sensor (pHIMS) with   on-board QA/QC, for ocean and water quality monitoring

SYKE Ferrybox at m/s Silja Serenade & Marine Research Centre Laboratory, Finland

FMI Atmospheric and Marine Research Station, Finland



Three-dimensional circulation and transport within the south-eastern Bay of Biscay from a multi-platform approximation

HZG COSYNA Glider, Germany

BB-TRANS Report Final (1.1 MiB)


Dynamics and turbulence in the Sicily channel

CNR-ISMAR Sicily Channel Observatory, Italy



Environmental Characterisation of Syrinx ADCP

SBI Galway Bay Cabled Observatory, Ireland

ECSyrinx Report Final (659.1 KiB) 


Long term underwater evaluation localization in extreme conditions

UPC Expandable Seafloor Observatory, Spain



Phytoplankton fluorescence studies in Mediterranean. Part 1. Feasibility and comparability of different methods in oligotrophic seas

HCMR Heraklion Coastal Buoy & Poseidon Calibration Lab, Greece



Fouling Protection for marine optical systems

UPC Expandable Seafloor Observatory, Spain



Glider Experiments in the Tunisia-Sardinia Channel

CNRS-INSU Glider National Facility, France

GETSCh Report Final (328.4 KiB) 


Leverage tracking efficiency on oceanographic buoys using an energy autonomous solution transmitting satellite messages

HCMR Heraklion Coastal Buoy & Saronikos buoy & Athos buoy, Greece



Microplastics in the marine environment: estimation and ecotoxicological logical assessment

SBI Galway Bay Cabled Observatory, Ireland

NIVA MS Color Fantasy, Norway

HCMR Heraklion Coastal Buoy, Greece


MOCo Sea Pass

Monitoring of Organic Contaminants in the water of the Southern Europe with Passive Sampling

IO-BAS Port Operational Marine Observing System – st. Balchik, Bulgaria

CNR-ISMAR Meteoceanographic site S1-GB, Italy



Monitoring of organic contaminants by passive samplers in the Southern Europe coastal areas

HCMR Heraklion Coastal Buoy & Saronikos buoy, Greece



Real time monitoring of bivalve behavior

HZG/AWI Underwater Node Helgoland, Germany

Map of the host infrastructures

Map of the host infrastructures

BB-TRANS Report Final
BB-TRANS Report Final
1.1 MiB