MONICOAST: Monitoring of organic contaminants by passive samplers in the Southern Europe coastal areas

User group PI: Natalia Montero Ruiz, AZTI-TECNALIA, Spain

Hosting infrastructures: HCMR Heraklion Coastal Buoy & Saronikos buoy, Greece

Main Objectives

The overall aim of the present proposal, which is complementary to an ongoing INTERREG project (SEDRIPORT) in France and Italy, is to evaluate the presence and distribution of organic pollutants in the Southern European coastal areas. Moreover, the activities that are presented in this proposal also align with the objectives of the AQUA-GAPS network (Aquatic Global Passive Sampling), which aims to understand better the geographic distribution of organic contaminants, especially persistent organic pollutants (POPs), in the world oceans.

The following operational objectives have been set:

  1. To investigate the presence of organic contaminants by means of passive samplers at two sites in the Mediterranean Sea affected by various sources of contamination and characterized by different physico-chemical characteristics.
  2. To study the air-sea exchange of organic pollutants, which will determine the potential long-range transport of contaminants.
  3. To establish relationships between the information obtained by passive samplers, in terms of concentrations of organic contaminants, with the environmental data (e.g. salinity, currents) obtained from the two oceanographic buoys located in Greece (Heraklion Coastal Buoy (HCB) and Saronikos Buoy (SB)).
  4. To integrate the results with those obtained in other ongoing projects in the area (Western France and Italy) to get an overall overview of the presence and distribution of organic compounds in Southern European coastal areas.

Project Report:  MONICOAST Report Final (572.1 KiB)